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Solar Solutions for Every Need: A Closer Look at Our Range

View our range of solar products here at Kingdom Solar

Solar Solutions for Every Need: A Closer Look at Our Range

At Kingdom Solar, we strive to provide you with the highest quality solar products to kick-start your renewable solar energy journey! From solar inverters to power banks, you will be able to generate sustainable and resourceful electricity to power your home or business with ease and efficiency. In this blog post, we will discuss the main range of solar products that we offer, and how they will contribute to a greener future.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the catalysts of solar power that have revolutionised the way we think about solar energy and how we can harness the sun’s power! With their increased popularity over the years, solar panels have been installed in millions of homes to help people start saving on energy bills and provide an alternative to traditional energy sources. Our solar panels are the best way to get the most out of your solar system and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. Their lightweight and portable qualities make them the best solution for your home or business and can be easily installed on rooftops or balconies to start producing clean electricity.

Are solar panels worth it in the long term?

Absolutely! The long-term benefits that solar panels provide make them a worthwhile choice for any investor. They will significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills, increase your home value, and give you a great return on investment for you to enjoy in the future. Choosing solar panels is the first step of many when you start your solar energy journey, and you will not regret it!


Balcony Kits

Solar balcony kits are now taking over the solar energy world with their versatile designs and compact capabilities to get the most out of your solar PV system! These kits primarily maximise your smaller space efficiently by providing you with renewable energy if you live in a built-up city area. By nature, they are extremely user-friendly with simple instructions and easy set-up components to instantly give you sustainable energy.

What can I power with a solar panel from my balcony?

Our Zendure Solar Flow kit is designed to generate a reliable source of power in your home or business with its advanced plug-and-play technology. Its compact and elegant layout means you can power your household appliances with minimal hassle and is the best solution to generate renewable energy for smaller apartments, canal boats and balconies!



The solar inverter is a key ingredient to any solar PV system, and it is important to know why. A solar inverter is a device that converts the DC (direct current) electricity that is generated by your solar panels into AC (alternating current) electricity which is what we use to power our homes. Here are the types of solar inverters we offer:

  • Hybrid Inverters
  • Microinverters
  • On and Off Grid Inverters
  • Three Phase Inverters

Our range of solar inverters is a key component in any solar PV system to enable a cleaner and more sustainable future!


Battery Storage

Our battery storage units open a new way to harness the sun’s energy to power your household or business at any time of the year! Their main function is to store excess energy you produce during the day and keep this to one side until you need it. When there is a cloudy or rainy day, our battery storage units will release the stored energy to power your building or appliances. This means that you can always sustainably run on renewable energy!

Is solar power storage in batteries worth the expense?

Investing in battery storage units will revolutionise how you generate solar energy, and you will thank yourself in the future for the huge savings you will receive! Having solar batteries reduces your dependence on the national grid so you can save on high energy bills as well as have a return on investment over an extended period. The technology is constantly advancing with solar energy, however having solar storage batteries will get the most out of your solar energy production!


Power Banks

Solar power banks are another revolutionary way to use the sun’s energy on the go! With their compact and portable features, our solar power banks are a plug-and-play sensation for your holidays or as an additional power outlet in your home or business. They are fully adaptable with our solar panels to absorb the sun’s rays and convert this into renewable electricity to power your power bank. With this, it provides you with an essential power supply to charge your appliances in remote areas and in the case of an emergency.

Is a solar power bank useful and effective?

Solar power banks are an extremely useful piece of kit that you should add to your household or business. Our Zendure Super Base portable power banks provide you with convenient solar energy at the touch of a button wherever you are! Our solar power banks come equipped with USB ports, allowing you to charge a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more. This versatility makes them a practical investment for you to power your electronic devices at any time.


Solar Lights

Solar lights are an environmentally friendly way to light up your outdoor space without breaking the bank! Equipped with solar panels on the surface, our solar lights capture sunlight during the day and convert it into electricity which is then stored in rechargeable batteries. When night falls, the stored energy powers LED bulbs that cast a warm glow to light up gardens, pathways, and outdoor spaces. With a choice of colours and designs, our solar lights will be a beautiful addition to any outdoor area.

Call us on 01564793652 or visit us at Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre to see our solar showroom and discover the endless opportunities of our solar range here at Kingdom Solar!

The Heart of Solar Energy Systems: Understanding Inverters

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The Heart of Solar Energy Systems: Understanding Inverters

Want to save money on your electricity bills? Fed up with constantly trying to keep up with the rise in energy costs? Well, we know just the solution! At Kingdom Solar, we take great pride in offering you the best options to cut down on high energy bills and start making the most of the sun. Solar power is becoming more popular by the minute and industries are rapidly growing to provide customers with alternative energy. In this blog post, we will be discussing the importance and benefits of utilising the sun’s power through our solar inverters and how this technology is revolutionising the world of solar power!

What is a solar inverter? How does it work?

A solar inverter is an extremely important component in a solar PV system as it converts DC (direct current) electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity. This electricity is generated via the solar panels connected to your roof or balcony which is exposed to direct sunlight. The purpose of the solar inverter is to distribute this usable AC electricity to power your home appliances or even your whole household circuit! You also have the benefit of keeping track of your energy usage by monitoring the data on the solar inverter’s app feature. This will give you real-time updates and information to see how your PV system is functioning.

Is it smart to invest in a solar inverter for your home?

Absolutely! Investing in your own solar inverter system will be extremely beneficial for you financially and economically due to the energy independence you will gain. It is important to keep in mind how much energy you want to produce independently and how you can maximise the solar power produced by your household or business. You will see a return on investment over the years by generating your own renewable solar energy and significantly reducing your carbon footprint!

What are the best solar power inverters?

At Kingdom Solar, we have a wide selection of solar inverters and PV system components that will produce renewable solar power for your home. Here, we have handpicked a few of our bestsellers with incredible benefits to start your renewable energy journey:

Zendure Solar Flow

The Zendure Solar Flow will take your solar energy journey to new heights with its portability and plug-and-play technology. The Solar Flow is primarily designed to be a portable PV system so you can take renewable solar energy anywhere! With a 1200W output, this solar inverter system is perfect for smaller spaces such as balconies, canal boats, and apartments. With an IP65 rating, you do not have to worry about any weather damage so you can install it anywhere in any climate.

You can also track and monitor its performance with Zendure’s state-of-the-art app available on Android or iPhone to give you full control of your solar inverter system! The Solar Flow inverter system comes with a 1KW battery so you can store any excess energy that is produced during a power outage or at a later stage. The Zendure Solar Flow system will make you see solar power in a new light and is already changing the way homes and businesses generate electricity!

Austa Microinverter Kits

Another bestseller is our Austa Microinverter kits which can connect to your household circuit through any standard electrical socket. This inverter kit includes tilting balcony hooks to give your solar panels optimal sunlight exposure wherever you’re located! With a built-in Wi-Fi monitoring system, our Austa Microinverters can be tracked and monitored to see how it is optimising your household or business. There is no electrician needed for any of our inverter systems, so you can simply plug and play to start creating renewable electricity immediately. Much like the Solar Flow system, you can install our microinverters on balconies, canal boats, and smaller apartments to generate renewable solar energy.

Austa Hybrid Inverters

Our Austa Hybrid Inverters provide a higher distribution of electricity across your home if you need to power larger appliances. These can be used either on grid, off grid, or with a battery to store extra solar energy. With the choice between our single-phase or three-phase inverters, you can use the converted AC electricity with ease. Complete with an LCD display, this shows you the power, voltage, DC and AC current, and yearly energy production. The design is elegant and compact with easy plug-and-play technology so you can start producing renewable energy quickly and efficiently!

Our solar inverters will give you more than solar power; they will change how you power your home. By embracing the natural energy of the sun, you can begin producing sustainable and renewable energy that will lead you to an eco-friendly and dependable source of power.

Come and visit us at Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre to see our solar showroom and discover the endless possibilities of solar power here at Kingdom Solar!

Welcome To Kingdom Solar!

Browse our extensive range of solar products!

Welcome to our brand-new solar website Kingdom Solar! We are so excited to share our fantastic high-quality products to make the world a cleaner and healthier place.

It is safe to say that the cost-of-living crisis has affected all of us, especially when it comes to our energy bills. However, as technology has advanced in the last 10 years there are now multiple ways to cut the cost of your energy bills with renewable energy sources. At the Garden Furniture Centre Ltd, we have launched our new brand ‘Kingdom Solar’ which supplies all your solar energy needs! You might be wondering; what are the financial benefits of solar energy? Why is solar energy the best alternative? Do home solar systems help you save energy bills? In this blog post, we will break down why solar energy is the future and how our new range of solar products will kick-start your renewable energy journey!

What is solar energy, and how can it be beneficial?

Solar energy is an extremely positive and sustainable way to produce renewable power whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions which in turn will improve our climate and ecosystems. What is more, solar energy will significantly reduce the cost of rising energy bills as you do not solely rely on the national grid. Ultimately, solar energy allows you to generate your own electricity which can lead to you becoming more autonomous with your household energy. All you need is a little sunshine, and your solar system will do the rest!

So, where do we start?

At Kingdom Solar, we have a variety of solar products to start your renewable energy journey in your own home! From power banks to micro inverters, you will be able to sustainably produce solar energy to power your home or business.

Solar Panels

As the cost of energy bills increase, it is quite the opposite with solar panels as they are becoming a lot cheaper to source. Solar panels basically absorb the sun’s rays and create a renewable flow of electricity which can be stored or used straight away. Solar panels are also designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions and are extremely low maintenance meaning that you can enjoy them for years to come! If you want to find a sustainable way to provide clean, reusable energy, then our solar panels are the best way to start.

Battery Storage

Evidently, solar panels will not produce energy at night however, you can store any excess energy using our solar batteries! These batteries give you the freedom to use any unused energy whenever you please. By storing excess solar energy in batteries, you can cut down your electricity bills, increase energy independence, and reduce your carbon footprint significantly to ensure you are running a sustainable and efficient environment. What is more, our IP65-rated battery storage units can be charged by solar panels as well as the national grid during off-peak hours and have high inverter compatibility!

Power Banks

Alternatively, you can opt to take your renewable energy on the go with our multi-functioning power banks. The Zendure Super Base Pro and Super Base V collections are crafted out of environmentally friendly materials and advanced battery technology which allows you to have a sustainable alternative to main grid power! Our power banks are easily portable and give your devices an extra lifeline when you are in remote areas or during a power outage. You can choose the size of your power bank and even add our satellite batteries to maximise your energy storage so that you can power your household or business purely on renewable energy.


Another sustainable way to bring renewable clean energy into your household is with our inverters and inverter kits. These are a cost-effective way to produce on-grid electricity which can be used to power your household or business. We have a selection of hybrid and micro inverters which all operate by converting DC power from your solar panels into usable AC power. With the choice between our hybrid and micro inverters, they will give you peace of mind in the event of a power cut as well as drastically decreasing your outgoing energy bills.

What is more, our inverters are fitted with easy Wi-Fi configurations via its bespoke app which gives you accurate data checks for maximum power point tracking. The design of our inverters is compact and elegant to fit in with any interior space as well as having minimal noise when in use, integrated diecasting technology, and quick plug terminals for easy installation! Click here to read more about our inverters and how they can help you save on your energy bills!

Now that you know all about the benefits of solar energy, you can check out our new solar products online at Kingdom Solar to start your renewable energy journey!

Or you can visit our showroom in Wootton Wawen where we have our solar panels and micro inverter on display for you to view!

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