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Solar Panel Kits

Our solar panel kits for homes are the ideal way for you to start your own solar power system! With our extensive range of inverters, solar panels, batteries, and mounting hardware, you will be able to easily set up your own renewable energy system with ease.

What are the benefits of solar panel kits?

Solar Panel Kits are extremely beneficial for any household, garden offices or business who wants to have independent renewable energy. Solar kits usually include key solar components such as solar panels, inverters, and batteries to give you unbeatable and sustainable renewable energy. The main benefit of having a solar panel kit installed is its significant reduction on your energy bills as it generates electricity from the sun which will result in lower costs from your energy provider! Over time you will also see a return of investment from your home solar panels and solar panel kits as the energy you have saved will cover the cost you paid for the kit in the first place. After this, you will eventually start producing electricity as no expense!

How to choose a solar kit

Choosing the right solar panel kit is a big decision, but at Kingdom Solar, we have made it so that you will make the right choice first time. It is important that the system you choose will meet your energy requirements so that it is worth the investment at a later stage. It is always best to research your best options to that you can get the maximum performance out of your solar panel kits. As well as this, you will need to really understand your household or business to estimate its solar energy potential, for example its roof orientation, shading, space availability, and local climate. If you are still unsure, our on -hand sales team are available by phone or email to help with any questions or queries 7-days a week.

How to get started with solar power?

There are so many benefits with installing solar panels and solar panel kits. One way you can make your renewable energy go further is by storing the excess energy that you will produce from your solar panel kit. With our battery storage units, solar kits and solar battery chargers, the extra energy will be stored and saved in case of an emergency or power outage. This will also save on your electricity bills and future return on investment so you will be in a position to run completely on renewable power. It is also important to consider the specifications of the solar kit such as its wattage and power distribution to ensure you are getting the most out of your solar panels, household, or business.

Take a look at our Solar Panel Kits below to find your perfect solar solution!

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  1. Microinverter 800W | KS


    As low as £199.99 Regular Price £349.99

  2. Austa Microinverter 600w With Solar Panels and Bracket Kit | KS


    As low as £399.99 Regular Price £599.97

  3. Zendure Solar Flow Smart Hub, Microinverter, and 1kw Battery Kit | KS


    As low as £999.99 Regular Price £1,299.99

  4. Microinverter 2000W | KS


    As low as £449.99

  5. Single Solar Car Port | KS | Ex-Display

    As low as £1,999.99 Regular Price £2,999.99

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